Condition Monitoring System

Globetech Asia now is the partner of Valmet Automation for Vietnam and Asia market.

Valmet condition monitoring solutions (a part of Valmet DCS) produce the real-time machine health information you need for effective planning and scheduling of maintenance operations.

With over 30 years experience in online condition monitoring, Valmet has the equipment and skills required to get the best results. Both online and route-based vibration analysis solutions and services are easily customized to individual requirements according to process area, location or specific measuring and analytical skills required.

All you need

Valmet’s exceptional mix of skills with pulp and paper making, energy production and industrial automation applications provide a unique background for the development of machine condition measurements and analysis techniques. 

We have a full range of products and services for the successful implementation of condition monitoring from standalone or integrated systems to portable analysis tools.


Uniform Valmet DNA automation system platform

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